Seaside Soiree

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Seaside:a place by the sea, especially a beach area or holiday resort
Soiree:an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.
Two words that come to mind when thinking back on the event that was, Seaside Soiree…
Enchanting and memorable.
Seaside Soiree was just divine! Beachside, music, wine, cheese, fashion and an amazing bunch of young Adelaide business woman.
The soul intention of Seaside Soiree was to connect young Adelaide business woman. Adelaide has a buzzing social media scene leading the way in fashion, modelling, photography, art, blogging and styling. Four brands, The Lost Tribe (us), Koleha, The Nomad Collective and Down The Rabbit Hole Wines decided why not bring this community together for a night of dancing, wine and cheese!
The guests were greeted with a gypsy wonderland and acoustic music by Luke Marshall. A large bell tent full of fairy lights, Persian rugs and white sand looked out to the clear blue waters of silver sands, with a classic kombi and the rolling hills of the Fleurieu. And to complete it all, a table spread with gorgeous goodies from Malissa Fedele (Healthy Indulgence), Udder Delight, Little Acre Food, DTRH wine and a golden setting sun.
We had so much fun laughing, making new friends and talking about all the things we love and what brought us together, our creative passions. Thank you so much to everyone that joined us and we hope you loved your goodie bags!
Lots of Love,
The Lost Tribe xx

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